Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update: Element is For Sale Again, May 2008

Bill Cotton, who purchased Element from me last year and took it to Colorado, has recently asked me to post a notice here that he will be selling the boat. The sailing season is short on the mountain lakes of Colorado, so the boat has not seen a lot of use since he moved it there last summer. I'm sure it is still in the same excellent condition it was in when I sold it. If you're looking for a Wharram Tiki 21 in the U.S. that is ready to go and needs little, if anything, this could be your boat. This blog documents all the work that put into it, as well as the equipment upgrades such as the new engine, rigging, and Jeckells sails.
Below is photo of Bill with the boat, and under the photo the description and contact info he asked me to include:

This boat was beautifully restored by Scott Williams. It comes with main, jib, and spinnaker, a 5HP Nissan 4-cycle OB, a deck tent, trailer, ground handling equipment including two hull dollies and tow bar. It is a great sailing boat; goes well to weather, ideal for shallow water sailing as no center board or dagger board, no deep extending rudder. I have had it up to 15kts. It is very stable. It handled well with no hull raising in 50kt+ downburst.  SOLD!