Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tiki 21 Paint Job Nearly Completed

(Click on the photos to view larger image)

Here's some shots I took today of the two hulls, showing the graphics and fresh topside, deck, and bottom paint. I used the same Interlux "Ocean Blue" the previous owner used on the hull topsides, but changed the deck color to Easypoxy "Sandtone" since it is much easier to keep clean and easier on the eyes in the bright sun than pure white. I've had good results with this paint on the decks of Intensity and Segundo Vez, getting about 2-3 years out of it in the intense Gulf coast sunlight.

Rather than using computer-generated plastic graphics as I have done in the past, I wanted to paint the name and registration numbers on this time, as well as the Wharram logo on the bows. I wanted to paint it because I wanted it to match the decks exactly, and because painted graphics can be touched up when damaged, as will surely happen at some point when the hull is banged against a dock, dinghy, or kayak. To get a consistant pattern on both sides, I first drew the graphics on a sheet of semi-transparent tracing paper, then covered the hull area where they would be applied with 3M blue masking tape. I transfered the paper pattern to the tape using carbon paper, then cut out the tape along the transfered lines using an Xacto knife. Three coats of the Easypoxy Sandtone color were applied, then the tape was pulled. I'm quite pleased with the result, and won't be buying computer-generated graphics again.

All the decks, hatch covers and cabin sides need one final coat of Sandtone, and the mast and gaff has yet to be painted. After that, I'll begin reinstalling hardware, then step the mast and set up all the new rigging that I've made.