Thursday, October 19, 2006

The New Age of Sail

If you're a Wharram enthusiast or boatbuilder and you don't already read my other blog: Island Time Online, you'll definately want to check out this latest post: The New Age of Sail

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Upcoming Wharram Rendezvous in Florida

I'm passing on the following email I received announcing the upcoming Wharram rendezvous in Hobe Sound, Florida, December 2006. Anyone needing information about this can inquire at this email address:

I've deleted the home and cell telephone numbers included in this message since this post is on a public website, but you can get this information by emailing the above address. As of now, I am planning to be there. Whether I take a boat or not depends on whether I find a slip here for Element, or if she is still sitting on the trailer.

Greetings, Wharram Enthusiast!

You are being sent this email because you have expressed interest in
Wharram boats. This email is addressed to our email site, with all other names
going out under “bcc”. This is to ensure that the list remains
confidential. The document is both embedded in the email and provided
as an attachment…whatever works best for you. Same stuff.

You may have called about a Wharram for sale, you may be a member of
the Polynesian Catamaran Association (PCA-Sea People), you may be a Wharram
owner, prior owner or expect to be a future owner, you may be involved
in boats or boating products or services…or, we may have just screwed up
and put your name on the list for no apparent reason.

So, if you like Wharrams and would like to enjoy a weekend with Wharram
owners and enthusiasts, now is your chance!

The 2006 Florida Wharram Rendezvous is scheduled for the first weekend
in December (December 1, 2, 3) in Hobe Sound Florida. Hobe sound is near
Stuart on the Atlantic coast of Florida. We use a wonderful protected
anchorage at Peck Lake on the ICW that is only a few football fields
away from a sandy Atlantic beach.

We expect to have 5 or more Wharrams there. A Tiki 46, a few
Tangaroas, Tiki 26s and possibly others.

The rendezvous is always a fun event…nothing formally planned. Just
good people, nice chats, looking over boats, plans and pictures. Telling
good stories, horror stories and just tall tales. We usually start early
and go late…as long as the conversation is interesting.

Bring your pictures if you can’t bring your boat. If you can’t bring a
boat or pictures, then just bring yourself! We have even been known to
welcome “half boats” (monohulls).

And, there are rumors that we have tipped a few to toast the end of
hurricane season (horrors, no, never, not sailors…and definitely not
Wharram sailors!!!).

Simply stated, we have a lot of fun.

Information about lodging: Heritage Inn (772-546-3600), Holiday Inn
(772-287-6200), Howard Johnson (772-287-3171), Ramada Inn
Southwind Motel (772-287-0773), Ronny’s RV Ranch (772-287-2730).

Information about airports: Best bets are Palm Beach International or
St. Lucie (Ft. Pierce) International. Of course you can always get there
from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville but the drive is longer.

Information about restaurants: The area has the standard chain
restaurants and some good fish houses as well. However, they all require driving,
some a considerable distance. None are within walking distance. Unless you
have access to a car it is best to plan on bringing your food to the boats
(see below).

Information about other things to do: Since we can’t imagine why you
would want to do anything but enjoy the boats, good people and the nice
weather and water we haven’t included anything in this section. Actually, a
quick internet search will give you a lot of information about what is
available within an easy day’s drive (the zip code for this area is 33455).

Information about food and such (such=drinks!): We ask each person to
bring enough food and drink for themselves for the time they will be here.
Our approach is Dutch-treat, pot-luck.

Yes, it’s Florida and its generally warm during the day. Highs in the
low 80’s is typical….BUT, it also can get into the 40’s-50’s in the
evenings and 20 knots of breeze is not uncommon. That can be a chilly combination.
Bring a pair of long pants and a sweater or hooded parker. Rain gear
is a good thing to have as well. The good news is that it’s the end of
hurricane season…we make no promises but, historically, there haven’t been many
‘canes after the end of November.

Sailing in? We will be anchored in Peck Lake. Daymark 19 south of the
St. Lucie Inlet on the ICW. Latititude N27.06.924, Longitude W80.08.672.
We meet east of the daymark, good depth and good holding. Call Gene Perry
for local knowledge and more information if you need it. Coming by car? We run a dinghy shuttle to the boats from the launch ramp of Jimmie Graham Park. The park is in the town of Hobe Sound. To get to the Park from US Route 1 take Osprey Street East (by the Cumberland Farms Store). Go past the railroad tracks to the end, turn right onto Gomez
Road, ¼ mile to 8557 Gomez. That is the Park. Turn left into the park. Go to
the end of the road. There will be a Wharram sign in the launch ramp
area. The park has lighted boat ramps and docks and parking for trailers and
autos. Overnight parking is allowed. It is free and safe. Free and
clean restrooms too!

Please, call us in advance to come and get you. It takes about 15
minutes to get to the dock from the boats. There are usually a few dinghies available, so the wait will not be long.

Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the weather, how many boats are there,
how many people show up, and many other factors. Generally, we have not
taken groups out to sail…but there is always a chance.

If you need more information you may call Gene Perry (Tiki 26)
Dan Kunz (Tangaroa 36) Ann and Neville Clements’ (Tiki 46) You can also send a note to this email address. We will monitor e-mails every few days. E-mails will not be monitored from
approximately 7 days just before the event…so please use the phones at that point.


Our special thanks to SOUTHWINDS Magazine for their continued support
of boating and boaters in our beautiful southern waters. A notice of this
event will appear in both the November and December editions of
SOUTHWINDS. Pick up a copy…essential monthly reading for everyone in the South or
those who may eventually want to be in the South.

Hope to see you in December. Fair winds!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Element is Ready to Relaunch

Element assembled, rigged and ready to launch....

Those of you following this blog have probably assumed I've not been working on Element, but in fact I've been steadily plugging away at finishing details, including reinstalling all the hardware after the paint job, replacing and setting up the running rigging, and making some custom canvas items like interior storage pockets and a rear trampoline. The only thing the boat lacks at this point is the outboard engine, which I will be buying shortly before launching. I'm also overhauling the trailer and getting it ready for the trip to the coast, which is at least 2 hours away depending on where I decide to launch.

I would have already been sailing by now if not for the difficulty of finding a place to dock the boat on the Mississippi Gulf coast. Most of the marinas there were destroyed or badly damaged by Katrina, and those that were not are full. I'm on the waiting list at a couple of potential marinas, but so far I have not found a place to dock the boat that is convenient to getting out in the open Gulf. Although the Tiki 21 is a trailerable catamaran, it's not a trailer-sailor in the sense that you can feasibly drive 2 hours, spend about that long assembling it, go sailing for a few hours, then repeat the process in reverse. For me, keeping the boat in the water is the only way to go. I plan to have it set up and fully equipped for multi-day beachcruising adventures, so that when I drive down to the coast to board it, all I'll have to do is load on the food and water for whatever trip I've planned and cast off the lines.

I'm of course getting anxious to sail this boat, so if I don't find an ideal dock space soon, I'll explore the option of a marina in nearby Louisiana or Alabama, where there are more slips available.