Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nice Daysail

Although the wind was really light, maybe 5-7 knots and even less at times, I enjoyed some fine sailing on my most recent day aboard Element. It's amazing how well these boats sail in light air. This is because of the light weight and the slim, easily driven hull forms. In these conditions the Tiki 21 cruises effortlessly along at 5-6 knots, making very little fuss and hardly rippling the water in her wake.


tsunamichaser said...

Nice to see a new post and to hear how wel Element sails in light airs. I'm waiting for a report from a decent blow. Your picture couldn't be more timely as I just received my new Jeckells sails. I'm looking forward to placing my order for mast timber and to start building that part of the boat. Cheers Thomas

Anonymous said...

Hi man, my name is Fran├žois and I'm french.There's a long time that I dream of a tiki.At first I thought to built a tiki 26. But I haven't the time , and the space to do it, so I was waiting for best conditions.
But 2 weeks ago , I found an announce about a tiki 21! (with the trailer, the motor and the tent). I have bought it for a good price (5000 euros)and I'm like a child at christmas!!!

Your blog is very intersting for me, usualy I have a look to see the avendtures of Element !!! Good continuation and if you could put your email I can send you somes photos of Naturissimo!!

Scott B. Williams said...

Hi Francois,

Congradulations on your new Tiki 21 Naturissimo! I hope you have a great time sailing on it. The Tiki 21 is a great boat. Please do send some photos. You can email me direct at: