Thursday, December 07, 2006

Years of Fascination with Wharram Catamarans

Segundo Vez: Hitia 17

As I've noted here before, Element is not the first Wharram catamaran I've owned, nor will it be the last. I've been fascinated with these designs since I first came across them back in 1997.

Just last week, I sold the first Wharram cat that I built and owned, the Hitia 17, Segundo Vez.

On my other blog, Island Time Online, I've posted a brief summary of how I came to build my first Wharram, why I got into monohull sailing for awhile, the purchasing and rebuilding of this Tiki 21 that has been rechristened, Element, and my future plans for building my next Wharram. Read it more here:

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tsunamichaser said...

Wow! I hadn't been to your site since the photo of the new motor. It is great to catch up. When you start building your 26 you'll be able to see what it all looks like by referring to your T 21. For me, It's all abstract.